Fat Loss-simple, but not easy

Growing up in southern New Jersey and attending Rowan University it seems that every person and their mom believes Crossfit/P90x is the greatest thing in the world. Certainly, it seems to be an effective method to burn fat but we absolutely need to know how to perform the exercises correctly (every time) before we starting doing them in an “all out” fashion just to get a hard training session in because we are likely to get hurt in the long run. There is a safer, quicker, and more effective method. Dan John in his book Never Let Go has various strategies and ideas on how to burn fat effectively while keeping/gaining muscle mass and strength. Is this not what most would strive for? The main mode of fat loss I want to point out has been mentioned too many times. The Tabata Protocol. This is where you pick an exercise (mainly a full body one) and follow these guidelines…
-Perform as many full reps in 20 seconds
-Rest 10 seconds
-Repeat seven more times.
*You should be able to perform between 8-14 reps for each 20sec session to be sure the weight you chose was correct. Believe me, you will not be able to do much.
Yes, four minutes and you will burn a lot of fat. For a quick story on Tabata, this was the name of the Japanese researcher who found out how to increase both anaerobic and aerobic pathways at the same time. This can be used across a variety of sports as well as the person looking to lose fat quickly.
In Never Let Go Dan suggest the best exercises for this are the front squat (Goblet squat another awesome option) and the thruster. Why not the back squat? Because it will take to longer to rack while the front squat is easier to just dump on the rack. An added benefit of the front squat or goblet squat is that it is one of the best teaching tools because it almost instantly makes a bad squatter a good one with the least amount of teaching involved. The next question might be well, how much weight do I use? According to Dan John, people who were around 500lb squatters have puked with only 95 pounds. Last week on my off day from Show and Go (phase 4) I only used 85 lbs and I pretty much collapsed on the floor after I was done..that’s two 10lb plates on each side people!

Front Squat technique.. it be wise to ignore the weight being used unless you want to vomit on yourself as you collapse with that weight….seriously just use anywhere from 65-95 pounds.

Goblet squat technique as good variation to the front squat.

Maybe this is how this type of pull up is supposed to be done..but it is not how you would teach a proper vertical pulling pattern nor should this form be used if you had a circuit consisting of the exercise (this is what I meant by the bad form usually seen in crossfit workouts).
Dan John has a blog and if you just google articles of him..just read them! www.danjohn.net

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