NEW: Coming every Friday.. the new “Jorts Jumblings”

Jorts Jumblings will be a mixture of good reads, research, exercise videos, music videos, ideas, thoughts, etc. and overall awesomeness of the past week that encompasses Athletic Development.  One of my favorite things for learning/reading/entertainment purposes is to go on other people’s blogs and view their  random thoughts and good reads of the week.  As a result, this week will be the first of hopefully many week in reviews on this blog! 

Why the "wtf?" That is a quality pair of denim. Coach Jorts in 20 years?

 Until Friday, here is an entertaining video at a track meet of a hurdler in China.  I thought I saw some unbelievable wrecks being a hurdler/sprinter all four years in high school and as a coach, but this one is for the ages.

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