Shoulder Saver and Increase Your Bench

The floor press is a great exercise to start incorporating in your training regimen if you have not already.  I never really did any floor pressing until I got to Endeavor and now I love it.  It can help increase your bench press because it forces you to lower the weight under control, unless you want to destroy your elbows, it takes away the stretch-reflex (stretch-shortening cycle) action we get once the bar touches our chest during a bench press, and it does not allow leg drive.  It is also one of those lifts that takes some stress off the shoulder because it has a limited range of motion (ROM) (can only go as far down as your elbows touching the floor).  Another added benefit to the floor press is that you can go heavier as a result of the shorter ROM thus boosting your confidence to hit heavier lifts in the future.  Laying on the floor is not the best feeling because we are typically so used to being on a bench, which provides one downside, that being that it may be more difficult to get your shoulders packed together to create a stable/safe base for pressing.  Typically, 2-arm dumbbell floor presses are a great way to start and you can mix it up with alternating DB floor press or even 1-arm floor presses.  Remember to get your chest up hard (which packs your shoulders back into a safe/stable position), elbows tucked to 45 degree angle (palms facing each other is also much safer on your shoulders), and to lower the weight under control.

DB Floor Presses

Alternating DB Floor Presses

1-Arm DB Floor Press

As I am posting this I just realized how ridiculous I look with white Nike Frees and black Adidas socks.  Now maybe I provided you with a laugh or someone to at least make fun of if you’re having a rough day

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