Jorts Jumblings – First Edition

Today is the first “Jorts Jumblings” edition, aka “Random thoughts Fridays.”

Good Reads of the Week:

3 Lesson for Hockey Players from the NHL – Kevin Neeld

Plantar Fascia and Pain– Carson Boddicker

Does Creatine Prevent Wood? – Bret Contreras

Anterior Core Progression– David Lasnier

The Hero Handbook (pdf)- by Nate Green

Quick Fix for Groin Pain– David Lasnier

Bad Nutrition Advice on Biggest Loser– Mike Geary

Spike This Hormone for Optimal Fat Loss– Mike Geary

The Secret of Loaded Carries– Dan John

Band of Meatheads: The Glories of Group Training– Dan John

Carry, Carry, and More Carries– Tony Gentilcore

Pull-up or Chin-up? Which is Better?- Mike Reinold

“Yea, Looked how jacked and tan I am.”

Exercise of week:

Modified version of Litvinov Workout.  20-30 KB swings followed by a 50 yard shuttle.  In video it was 20kg (44lb) KB.  You could use dumbell if there is not a KB in your gym.  This could be used as a finisher (conditioning) at the end of a training session or even an exercise to try on an off day from your regular strength training program.  Perform 2-4 sets and rest anywhere from 2-3minutes between each set.  As your conditioning improves try increasing the length that you run (either total yards or the amount of total time running) or resting less. The 2 1/2-3mins rest between sets was just the right amount of downtime because my heart was still significantly elevated.  Side note *- I could have controlled the KB a lot better as well as kept my neck packed back but overall not bad.

Research Reads: Nutrition Based

Stevenson E.  Improved recovery from prolonged exercise following the consumption of low glycemic index carbohydrate meals.  Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab.  2005 Aug;15(4):333-49.

LaCroix M, et al. Compared with casein or total milk protein, digestion of milk soluble proteins is too rapid to sustain the anabolic postprandial amino acid requirement. Am J Clin Nutr. 2006 Nov;84(5):1070-9.

Rennie MJ, et al.  Branched-chain amino acids as fuels and anabolic signals in human muscle.  J Nutr.  2006 Jan;136(1 Suppl):264S-8S.

Music to enjoy:
For my first edition, wait… yes of course I am going to have Phil on here!

Last of the Mohicans, such a great movie, highly recommended it, for some reason it gets me pumped up. I am sure I would set a PR if this was blastin at Endeavor.

Hope you enjoy the reads, there is not a lot but next week there will definately be more things to look at.  Right now, it is time for Functional Strength Coach 3.0



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