Jorts Jumblings-Second Edition

Good Reads of Week:

Strength Training is Not Sport-Specific– David Lasnier

Neeld Muscle Fiber Contiuum Theory– Kevin Neeld

My Top 5 Least Favorite Exercises SOLVED!- Mike Reinold

Scientific Muscle Development– Chad Waterbury

Strength Training and Metabolic Rate- Brad Schoenfeld

Andy Bolton World Record 1008lb deadlift

News Reporters Bloopers, definately take some time out to watch.

Tom Tellez- Easiest Way to Get Faster Video (Arm Swing)

Tom Tellez- Block Starts and Acceleration Mechanics. Tom is a legend in college track & field but I love this guys shorts the most in this video.

5 Programming Strategies for Quick Results– Eric Cressey

Kettlebell Armbar- Mike Robertson

The Opinionated Psoas Part 1– Thomas Myers

This is part 1 of a 3 part series..I only got around to the first.

MMA For Football?- Mike Boyle

Myths Under the Microscope Part 1: The Low Intensity Fat Burning Zone- Alan Aragon (read all three)

I do not know what to think of this new strength coach at Michigan and the lifting philosophy he is implementing.  Mental Toughness= Wrist curls with a 10 lb plate?  I think you could do a little more “bang for your buck” exercises to achieve the results you want. Depressing.  Hopefully that was .01% of what they do in their program …probably not..oh well.

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