Jorts Jumblings 3rd Edition (Nutrition,No Such thing as “Toning”, & Stevie B, and much more)

Things you should read

New York Times post about a diet plan idea..what a joke this is.

Spike this Hormone for Optimal Fat Loss– Brian St. Pierre

The Truth About Stevia(artificial sweetener)-Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic

Tone? Is that A Scientific Term? -Mike Boyle

How to Gain Weight– Jason Ferruggia

READ: How to Gain Weight article by JF.. maybe these guidos will get it someday

Developing a Training Philosophy– Alwyn Cosgrove


NSCA 2010 Conference Abstracts– for those interested (click on PDF file on right of page)

Research Review Service–  “Here is a review of some very important pieces of research that came out in 2010 courtesy of Dr. Shawn Thistle …..enjoy!”


Acceleration Mechanics video- pretty cool cues and things to learn about acceleration.

This is pure POWER.

Juninho, best free-kick taker in soccer ever.  The way he strikes the ball to make it knuckle and from the distances he does it from takes incredible precise skill

Endeavor Crawl- badass anterior core exercise perfected by Kevin.

Music Videos

This week is all about Stevie B and that genre of early 90’s  freestyle or whatever you would like to call it..either way it is classic.

The Whispers – Rock Steady

Stevie B – I Wanna Be The One (by far my favorite Stevie B song.  (Conditioning music for this summer?)

Ok this is 1980’s Eddie Murphy…this is unbelievable how this was supposedly good back then?

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