Trap Bar Deadlift PR videos w/ Lil Wayne

The right way might I add

Monday, the staff and I had 8 x 1 on Trap Bar Deadlift.  The goal to increase strength is to make sure you perform the lift over 90% of your 1RM.  For me this was staying at least above the 365-375lb range for each set.  My sixth set was when I went for the PR.  Here were the videos from those lifts. Enjoy.  I hope that by the end of the summer I can actually hit 500 so it can be a respectable number. 

The DADy always above the rest. 

The ASS.DADy above me as well, geez I have to catch up!

Coach Jorts will pull 500 by summers end.

*Important to note:  DADy stands for Director of Athletic Development & ASS.DADy is Assistant Director of Athletic Development.  Neither have babies and as a result, less likely to suffer from smashing baby syndrome .

For those that never pulled a max lift,  do not think much.

  • Get set up the way you always do
  • Grip & set your arch, fill your belly with air &
  • Rip it!

Max lifts will never have picture perfect form and nor should they, but the rest of your training should.  The form for these are still pretty damn good which means maybe, I for one, should have went for 435-445.  Lesson to be learned.

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