Jorts Jumblings 4th Edition (Joint By Joint Approach readings, So You Think You Can Squat?)

After a little bit of a hiatus, Jorts Jumblings has come back.  I have been blogging more than I am accustomed to, the main reason is it allows me to learn by spending a block of time during my day expanding on the topic, as well as encouraging me to read blogs on that subject.  I find that a major benefit to writing about certain topics  is that my brain keeps the information more easily, stupid, but true.  Anyway, this edition I wanted to provide good reads on the basis of what has grown to become my philosophy or approach to training athletes/clients.  Ever since being an intern at Endeavor (and now as a coach), I have been an advocate of this type of “training philosophy” and fully believe in the approaches it takes in order to keep athletes less injury prone (primary), and then to improve performance (secondary).  I do not necessarily mean that we need to do tons of corrective exercises first and then strength based exercises but more along the lines that these need to be linked together along with executing the exercises properly to avoid certain stacking strength on top of dysfunction.

Jamie Eason believes in the Joint-by-Joint Approach..So should you. Well who knows, but MY LORD!

Strength coach Mike Boyle and physical therapist/performance enhancement guru Gray Cook both coined the term “Joint by Joint Approach.”

A Joint-By-Joint Approach to Training – Mike Boyle

The Essential Eight-Eight Mobility Drills Everyone Should Do– ( /Mike Boyle)

Expanding on the Joint-by-Joint Approach – Gray Cook

These 3 articles should do it.  That is a lot of joint by joint s**t going on in these articles but it will definitely benefit you in the long run. Here are a cool video of Bottoms Up KB Turkish Get UP (extremely difficult), also a neat 5 video series on “So You Think You Can Squat.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Most people complain of knee pain when they squat, but most often times it is because they do not squat the RIGHT way.  Do not build strength on top of dysfunction. This goes for anything.  Anyone can do those quarter or half thingamajigs you see in the commercial gyms..Would you even call them squats?  Hopefully it was some good useful information you read and watched!

Train smart & hard,

Coach Jorts

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