Happy Easter: Whole Eggs or Egg Whites?


     Since it is Easter weekend, I thought I would share some important information that was given to me by colleagues regarding the controversy of consuming whole eggs or just egg whites. 


  • Framingham Heart Study (study that follows hundreds of thousands of people) – data showed that at any given blood cholesterol level, your chance of having a heart attack  is the same! Also found dietary cholesterol  had no impact on people’s blood cholesterol levels. People who consumed more than the avg. amount of dietary cholesterol  had the SAME blood cholesterol levels as those who ate less than the avg. amount.  Our bodies have an amazing ability to down-regulate the production of cholesterol in the presence of too much dietary cholesterol.

My mom asked me to color eggs with her, am I still supposed to say yes?

 The studies can be boring to read, but the article by Mike Geary was one that still stands out even though I read it months back. 

Happy Easter,





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