Setting Goals

     We have all had the chance to obtain goals in our lives whether it has pertained to school, work, sports, or any other personal endeavours that we may find important.  Personally, I am currently trying to  a few goals over the summer.  But why should we set goals?  Sometimes we try to set lofty ones, vague ones, or none at all and as a result we may fail at our opportunity, whatever it may be.  Setting a goal…
  • can be extremely motivating & inspiring
  • helps focus your energies on and devising ways to achieve it
  • is something that every single person can do.  Ever notice how some of the wealthiest/successful people may not have the highest IQ’s yet are very successful?  Having a desire and setting goals is one of the way they do this.
  • should be very specific.  Vague ideas are not the best.

Whatever your passionate for, dive head first and get after it!

      There are many stories, movies, and events of people achieving their goals.  Goals can be a realization if you put your mind to it.  I can vividly remember watching a season highlight video of Michigan’s 1998 football National Championship year.  The four years prior, they lost 3-4 games a season, not shabby by any means, but this was Michigan, the winningest football team in America.  In the video the players and the coaches discussed how disgusted they were with hearing how the block “M” had become mediocre.  Every day they were going to do something to work towards that ultimate goal.  Their goal?  Undefeated season, and a share of the national championship.  They set a lofty goal, and as a team, achieved it. 

These stories are not few and far between which illustrates the reality of actually reaching whatever goal you may have.  Some of my goals for this summer are to…

  • Trap Bar-Deadlift anywhere from 475-500
  • Read something related to strength and conditioning, athletic development, & personal development,  at least 1 hour/day.
  • Be as positive and energetic for the athletes/clients I train because they are at working towards THEIR goals.  It is important to invest time in others!

Do you have any goals set?  If so, which ones?  I’d love to hear people’s input on what they are trying to achieve.


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