Increase Strength: Cluster Training Method from Thibaudeau

I just came across cluster training (I was introduced to this from Endeavor) from Christian Thibaudeau as a result of skimming through his book, The Black Book of Training Secrets.  This is one effective way to improve strength that the Endeavor coaches have been using with their hockey players as part of their off-season training.  I was hoping to find some more information on it to share on this blog and I actually found a series of clips that Christian has on YouTube.  I am sure David Lasnier would approve of these videos and Thibaudeau’s awesome accent.  Nonetheless, just great training methods to improve one’s strength.  Hope you enjoy the videos.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Remember, that this is something that should be implemented for one exercise per muscle group.

Example:  Chin Ups- 3 x (2 x 4) ,

     **This would mean 3 total sets, perform 4 chins ups, rest 10-15 seconds, do another 4 chin ups.  That is one set.

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