Exercises to Avoid

Some exercises are really never worth it.  I do believe that there are not many bad exercises, except for bad execution of those exercises.  However, there are certain exercises that we may want to omit all together.  These next few exercises can be culprits to previous or currrent injuries.  You may want to reconsider these next few if they are in your program while incorporating better ones, which I will provide a few after.

Number One – Upright Rows: Anytime you maximally abduct and internally rotate the shoulder, exactly what you’re doing with an upright row, you are just begging for some type of impingement problems at the shoulder. 


There are much more effective ways to stimulate strength and growth of the deltoids and traps. Deadlifts, shrugs, and Olympic lifts will certainly stimulate the traps effectively because you can use heavier loads.  For your delts,  the same effect can be achieved (and greater) by performing pull-ups, rows, overhead pressing, and benching.

Reconsider how you train your core to prevent future back problems

Number 2 – Sit-ups: Encouraging lumbar spine range of motion increases the compressive forces on the spine.  The lumbar spine is meant for stability.  We already sit too much anyway, which means you are just reinforcing a terrible posture when you perform any type of crunch, russian twist, or sit-up.  Better alternatives are front planks, side planks, birddogs, Pallof presses, chops and lifts, and 1-arm farmers walks which ensures stability at the lumbar spine.  If you think planks are easy, remember that there are progressions to every exercise to maximize your performance.

Endeavor Crawl– advanced progression to a normal front plank. Slideboard bodysaws are also one exercise worth looking into as a progression to a front plank.

Number 3- Back Hyperextensions: another exercises that encourages lumbar spine ROM. Also, lower back weakness is usually not something that is as common as people think.  BUT, there is a right way to do them, via focusing on hip extension.  This video by Bret Contreras is a good instructional video that can illustrates how the back extension can be a good glute and hamstring  exercise.

Hopefully, these are some exercises you can take into consideration in order to incorporate safer more effective ways to prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring in the future. 

Does anyone else have other exercise choices in which they decide to omit from their training programs?

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