Great Glute Articles

Here are some very well put together articles on what you need to do in order to train the glutes effectively.  These are from people who just flat-out know their stuff!  I believe everyone should want some nice strong gorgeous glutes!  Having strong glutes can prevent many injuries, increase athletic performance, and just make you look that much foxier.  For all those bodybuilder type guys that lift in South Jersey,  having a huge upper body and no lower body is embarrassing.  You just may benefit from doing lower body and especially glute exercises on the reg.  Enough of my ranting. 

Bret Contreras: Dispelling the Glute Myth

                         Advanced Glute Training (I actually need to re-read this)

Nia Shanks : Wake Up Your Glutes

Only a few for now, but an interesting topic nontheless.  I know these are always insightful reads, hope you enjoy as well!

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