Jorts Jumblings on a Rainy Day (Program Design, Your Form Sucks, & Why Can’t Women Put on Mascara w/ Their Mouths Closed? etc…)

I have not posted a recommended readings list for quite some time now and I think it’s overdue.

"It Doesn't Matter What You Think of Jorts!"

Kevin Neeld : these are some awesome reads about program design and something that anybody can start using to make their training programs more effective and efficient.

Jason Ferruggia:

Mike Robertson:

Bret Contreras :

  • Neck Packing video- the importance of the cervical spine cannot go overlooked anymore.  We have one long spine and stabilizing ALL areas (lumbar, thoracic, & cervical) is of significant importance.

Chad Waterbury

David Lasnier:

this is blunt, sharp and to the point and should be listened to by everyone when it comes to training.  Form first, weight second.

Ben Bruno:

Ever Wonder if…? Only in America do…  A really cool blog post that Ben put together if you not in the mood for reading strength and conditioning stuff

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