Unstable Upper Body Exercises

     I previously wrote a quick little post on unstable surface training and how it is not necessary for the lower-body, yet it can be beneficial for the upper body.  Why? The upper body often encounters open-chain motion while the base is stable(think of a football hit: feet planted while upper body getting hit).  There are also reliable studies that state that muscle activation is maintained with unstable surface training (UST) but there was less joint torque.  Meaning that this would be a great time to utilize these methods for a possible deloading week to recuperate.  I just wanted to share some of my favorite unstable upper body exercises that have been used and that could be a great addition to a program during a deload or for just variation.  During some of the staff lifting programs in the past, I remember that most of these were used for higher reps (8-12) that help with scapular/rotator cuff dynamic stabilization.

Ab Fallouts – started using these with a client, he seemed to love and hate them at the same time.  I love rollouts of any kind (on stability ball, TRX, or wheel).  Great progression from planks to resist extension of the back)

Blast-Strap Push-ups – great for the core and shoulder stabilizers, this could also be performed on a stabillity ball

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