Deadlift PR on a Random Day & Deadlift Recommendations

A few weeks ago the staff and I had not been on a typical training program for 2 weeks, we have kind of being doing our thing with short lifts (<30 mins).  After reading Eric Cressey’s 3-part series, “How to Deadlift: Which Variation is Right for You (Part 1):Conventional Deadlift” I just figured I would try to conventional deadlift for a PR.  I never really feel comfortable pulling conventional and that can be due to a variety of factors, for me, probably poor ankle/t-spine mobility.  Anyway, my personal bests in the trap-bar deadlift is 445 and the last time I remember pulling heavy conventional was awhile ago but at 385 (not pretty).  Well, here is the video of me actually getting 405 after a good deload week.

Ok, yes that’s not me but folks that is called a back injury.  Here is the PR for real.

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