A Rant About Exercises Being Difficult

     Just because an exercise is difficult does not mean it is healthy or “good” for you.  I learned this the hard way just like many other athletes who had a coach who just buried them day in and out.  Is it hard to make an athlete puke his guts up?  No.  Are you supposed to think it is a good thing as a coach to cause that? No.  Would you call your mother a whore? No. Ok, you get the idea.  Any coach or trainer can make a player/athlete throw up with enough volume or intensity.  It is knowing how to progress someone in order to keep things in perspective.  I recently saw a performance place posting up pictures of their athletes throwing up after sessions (multiple pictures).  Am I saying that working hard is bad, no but is it necessary to post pictures of this to prove your program is “difficult?”  Difficult but not necessarily smart, especially if you have athletes that need to gain weight during the offseason.

Some coach just crushed this kid...ok maybe it was after a crazy German soccer match (Veltins is the name of Schalke FC's stadium I believe)

      I think I have learned the hard way that crushing athletes is not the smartest thing.  Especially when they have enough  stressors in their life (school, possibly work, girlfriend/boyfriend).  Please do not take this as “Oh, athletes should be doing corrective exercises all day.”  I remember hearing people in commercial gyms  say how awesome or hard an exercise was and thought it was the 2nd coming of Jesus.  Does it mean they are good?  Not necessarily.  P90x’s ab ripper whatever it’s called..good?  Doubtful.  Most likely the results they are seeing are from consistent exercise and dieting strategies (that they probably had not done for quite some time).  Anybody can crush themselves to make themselves feel sore.  Yet these are often the people who complain they cannot get the look or progress the way they want. 

Do more right as well as eating right and waste less time can do a lot of people a good service.



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