New Variation of the Wall T-Spine Dip

This is a variation of the wall t-spine dip that I came up with to add a rotation component.  If someone else came up with this before me, which I am sure is a big possibility, do not send hate me.  I just never seen this yet.

Thoracic spine mobility is where we want to get the most range of motion from our back, not the lumbar spine.  Poor t-spine mobility can have deleterious effects on the shoulder that will allow…

  • Poor scapular positioning/stability
  • Poor extension causing a problem with shoulder range of motion
  • One benefit is that proper t-spine extension and scapular positioning will go as far as boosting up your bench press for all your meaties out there

Wall T-Spine Extension-Rotation

  • In front of a wall, hands behind your head, upper arms against wall
  • Take big breath in and exhale while reaching elbows up and out
  • From there rotate while not allowing any rotation at the hips
  • Follow elbow with eyes, bring back in and repeat on other side

*I should have kept elbows in tighter and focused more on reaching up and away.  I usually have incorporated this as part of a warm-up or exercise in between sets of pressing movements.  2 x 8/side is a good starting point!







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  1. Hi! I’d just like to say thank you for taking the time to leave a comment in my blog. Sorry ’bout the swedish 😉 Though I can promise that I’m not writing anything bad about you or anybody else!

    I think yours is a great source of valuable information and food for thought.

    Best Regards from Sweden

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