Pallof Presses/Belly Presses for Core Stability

     This is by far one of my favorite exercises that we use with our athletes at Endeavor.  The great thing about this exercise is that there are so many variations to perform them (split-stance, tall-kneeling, 1/2 kneeling, & 1-leg) and it trains the core the way that it was intended.  One of those ways is to resist rotation at the lumbar spine otherwise known as “hoop” stresses that most people associate with rotational sport athletes.  However, that rotation should be occurring primarily from the hips and t-spine.  Lots of lumbar spine rotation in sports like golf, baseball, softball, tennis is a NO-NO.  Most often times you will find people doing russian twist/windshield wiper type exercises, where the majority of motion occurs at the lumbar spine.  In belly-presses we can work on those same muscles and get a more desirable and safe effect.  Tony Gentilcore post so many variations, so props go to him for these videos.  Ways to implement these in a program are 3 sets of 3x10s isoholds/side and then progress to 3 x 8-12 reps/side to make it more dynamic. 

All the variations can start with isometric holds first and then progress to dynamic (reps)

1/2 Kneeling Variation




These are just smart effective ways to incorporate proper core training to keep people especially athletes safe.  Hope you enjoy these videos.  Tony has a great exercise library list that they use at Cressey Performance so it is not just some internet “expert”.

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