Programming Core Exercises In Your Program

     This past weekend, I got to head down to Wildwood with a few friends.  Of course, core stability comes up in a conversation!  We see the term “core” on TV, internet, and wherever else there can be some kind of fitness advertisements.  Often times, people have a vision that we need to do a ton of crunches, side bends, etc. I can even remember Britney Spears saying she did around 1000 crunches per day with her trainer so you better believe that people jumped on that bandwagon .  However, that is definitely not the smartest or effective way to incorporate a safe and effective core program.

Back in her "Hayday"

      So, keeping it short and sweet, there are few movements that we can include into our programming. 


  • Anti-Flexion
  • Anti-Extension
  • Anti-Lateral Flexion
  • Anti-Rotation

     These are the categories that your primary core exercises fall under.  When it comes to programming, depending on the on how many days you workout (2-4x/week), you can incorporate 1 or 2 a day movements with the rest of your workout.  How much?  Well, I would say that 3 sets of one exercise is a great place to start.  Once you have mastered that, you make the exercise more difficult, as opposed to increasing the volume. This is just a sample program that one could use.


Anti-Flexion – KB pressout 3 x 8-10 reps


Anti-Extension: Stability Ball Front Plank w/ Mini Rollout 3×8-10reps & Stir The Pot 3 x 6-8/side(once you master basic front plank variations)


Anti-Lateral Flexion: 1-Arm Farmer’s Walks, Waiter walks(1-DB  overhead) 3 x 25 yards/side


Anti-Rotation: Pallof Presses  3 x 15-20s/side or 3x 8-10reps/side


These are just a few exercises that we use at Endeavor and ones that should be used by most because they are simple, effective, and smart. 



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