Versatility of the MiniBand

     Not too often do you find a piece of equipment that can be used for so many different exercises.  This is why I love minibands.   You can use them at a practice as I had done for a short amount of time (when I did not know it’s variety) or in the facility with clients/athletes.  What else is awesome about them?  They cost less than energy drinks!  Therefore, there is no excuse for you to not be able to buy these. 

Yellow-easiest, Black-most difficult

 Difficulty-wise we find that most of our athletes range from green-blue minibands.  All these exercises can be paired with main lifts just like corrective exercises)  So let’s look at all the various exercises that can be implemented with this sweet piece of rubber.

Backward Monster Walk– great for hip stabilization/lateral hip musculature. 

Lateral Mini-Band Walk- make sure you concentrate on the shoulders and hips sliding straight across to prevent “rocking” in those areas.

No-Money Drill- this works on scapular stability + GH mob. (sounds like the joint-by-joint theory eh?). We use our snapped mini-bands and use them for this exercise.  This can be done against the corner of a wall. Make sure on the wall that the back of your head, upper back, & butt stay on the wall at all times.

Band-Resisted Hip Flexion-mini-bands can also be used for the psoas activation drill.

Band Resisted Clam-Shell-Mike Reinold provides for us this video.

     One of the great things about mini-bands is that they are corrective in nature.  One way to correct someone who has poor hip stability during the squat is to put a miniband just below their knees.  This input forces the athlete to keep the knees out during the squat by getting the lateral hip muscles firing.  Anything that simple to get the right movement down is awesome in my book.  A cheap and effective way to get muscles of the hip working correctly as well as some scapular retraction and GH external rotation. 



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  1. Hey great page about using exercise bands / mini bands. I use them on my cardio days to get a little extra work on hips and core. I do both the lateral walking and monster walking but squat down a lot more to better engage my glutes.

    I bought the Level X bands at Amazon, they work great and the higher resistance levels really work my legs, gutes and hips. Thanks for putting this page together.

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