Actual Real V-Diet Results of 4 Weeks

     If there is one bit of information that is out there that blows my mind, it is people’s ideas of what a smart effective diet really is.  I constantly hear people saying they are on a diet and the next comments go something like, “my breakfast is cereal, my next meal is water around 3p.m. and for dinner I am having a piece of cheese.”  That is not a diet folks, that is starving oneself to models which is not attractive or healthy.

This is supposed to be healthy and attractive? Yea, OK

      Healthy, is eating good nutrient dense food throughout the day (appropriate sizes) paired with a good sound strength program.  You also may need some good supplementation like fish oils, fiber if needed, BCAA’s, etc.  This probably is why the VDiet works so well.  It seems crazy at first, but has been noted by Dan John as one hell of a way to shed fat and keep muscle.  Basically you have something like 5-6 protein shakes, fish oil pills, fiber pills, superfoods,  & hot-rox.  People will probably say “what?”  It is an all supplement diet which only allowed one actual meal 1x/week.  Of course, this is not something you do all year-round but it should get the point across by the time you are done the diet.

  • Eat protein at every meal always paired with a vegetable (corn is not a vegetable)
  • Eat every 2-3 hours
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take fish oils and fibers
  • Strength train
    Yea, OK, that will help you lose weight?

    Here are the actual results from a good friend of mine who took this diet up because she wanted to see if it was true.  She followed it to a T and never cheated once.  She also followed a strength program, yes, lifting heavy weights the right way. 

    Before Day 1 of diet + strength program


Week 4 of Diet + strength program

      I would say for it being the first time strength training in her life (only four weeks!) and followed this diet, it payed off pretty darn well.  The best thing was that she said she never felt better.  Cardio?  Nope.  Three strength training days and one interval lifting training day.  She did not have low energy, depression, or eat a celery stick for a snack, basically what you hear from people on these so-called effective diets.  Abs? Yup, not one single sit-up, crunch, or flexy twisty things people say works your “core.”  Basically, it proves again that muscular definition is a result of proper dieting and strength training, not endless amounts of repetitions.  Continuing to eat right and train hard will help even boost her results up more.  One book that anyone should have that it probably one of the simplest most brilliant books about nutrition is Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan.  It is super short and would probably take 1 hour to read.  Hopefully this gave some great insight to a diet that may lay a good foundation of how a diet should be.  I do not mean just drinking protein shakes all day long, but eating the right foods throughout the day (check bullet list above again) while being on a simple effective strength program.



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