Band Assisted Reverse Lunges

     For the past week and a half I have had the opportunity to work with an offensive lineman (6’6, 290lbs) for a football team in the nearby area.  With most offensive lineman or any other really big athlete  it may present different obstacles to how you want to incorporate unilateral leg work since these guys are used to only bilateral leg work.  This particular lineman moves really well for a big man and has great feet.  One of the things we are working on are reverse lunges and rear foot elevated split squats.  For the reverse lunges I incorporated a band to assist him in order for him to keep proper alignment in his torso as well as use the tension from the band to help him pull through the front leg.  He tried these for the second time and it was easily more noticeable that he is progressing which is awesome to see a big man doing unilateral work.  Jake Long has nothing on him!

     Progression: I like the band also because you can eye-ball how much tension he puts into it with his arms.  With a TRX suspension rope this may be a bit more difficult to tell.  Nonetheless, to progress this we could start with green bands–>purple bands (less tension), and then start with bodyweight. 

    Who could it be used for:   This could be a great idea for maybe overweight clients or really big & strong athletes that may need to groove the reverse lunges (or any unilateral exercise) movement first to reinforce proper torso posture which can allow them to shift their weight back on the heel on the front foot.

Just an idea!



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  1. Great idea and exercise. Also, I believe the title of this post should read “Band Assisted” instead of “resisted”.

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