Vacation Food Choices: Besides the Beer

      I just got down to Long Beach Island, New Jersey which is approximately 60-70 miles east of Philadelphia.  My family rented a house for the week and I must say it is one of the nicest ones we have had since I have been going as little jorts wearing kid.  One thing I brought with me was a 20kg kettlebell to do some swings, cleans, rows, & various carries (thank you Kevin & David for letting me do this).  If there is one piece of equipment for people interested in exercising while on vacation, it is that or a TRX cable (12-20kg).  One thing I learned from today’s short workout was that farmers walks, as well as other carry variations are pretty darn difficult on the smoking hot sand.

     Since it is vacation I thought I’d pass along some sort of snack food items that I bring with me in order to stay healthy while not feeling as guilty since I will be drinking some Leinenkugel Summer Shandy (heavenly).

If you like Hoegaarden beer, I think you will like this

My 2 Breakfast Choices: 

Breakfast is increasingly becoming my favorite meal of the day and I believe this has happened because I have learned to realize the multitude of benefits from eating eggs or a good smoothie each day.  If there is one way to stay relatively healthy on vacation (if your family makes ginormous, maybe unhealthy dinner choices) it is to make sure you get some awesome egg or smoothie recipes!  Here are my choices.

  • 5-6 egg omelette (whole eggs, green/red peppers, onions, tomatoes, feta cheese) and some whole wheat toast with butter
  • Metabolic Drive Smoothie : 8 oz of Almond Milk (Chocolate), 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive Chocolate Protein Powder, 1 Banana, 1 scoop of peanut butter, and usually a handful of chopped walnuts.  I would use 1 scoop of protein powder for every 8 oz of almond milk.  I usually load up on breakfast so I tend to go for 16 oz with 2 scoops of powder.

     The next few choices are just snack ideas that I love even when home and will eat throughout the day at the beach.  From breakfast until dinner, most of my time will probably be spent on the beach either working out, reading, soaking the sun up, and having fun with everyone.  As a result from 10 a.m. till around 5 p.m. I will be at the beach which limits my true meal choices.  Some things I am going to bring are…

  • Stonyfield Organic Plain/Cream Top Yogurt:  This stuff is awesome as a snack especially when you mix a scoop of protein powder in it.

    Get Chu' Some Cream!

  • Carrots w/ Hummus:  I got this idea from fellow strength coach David Lasnier and I love it.  I have used red peppers as well.  Basically, just let me load up on vegetables (since the omelette has them as well) before I go off and drink a shandy beer.  Maybe the Zohan was onto something in terms of strength gains because they loved hummus so much.
  • Nuts: my favorite are almonds.  Easy to bring to a beach as well as a healthy snack

     I also have my fish oils with me.  The brand I prefer is the liquid Carlson Labs.  All you take is a spoonful of it twice a day.  We promote our athletes to take this brand because of its high quality.  The liquid form, I thought would taste terrible, but there is only a slight lemon flavor to it.

     Want to know more on fish oils?  Read this blog-post from Brian St. Pierre.  He knows his stuff when it comes to supplementation and nutrition.  These are a few food choices that I recommend while on vacation if your family, like mine, is going to prepare inordinate maybe not so healthy amounts of food for dinners.  Hell, it is vacation so I am not going to be a nutrition nazi, but if you are worried about your weight and want to stay relatively healthy this are some great choices.  Protein smoothies or shakes are also awesome to have as replacements for meals while at the beach which are simple to prepare.

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