When The Pipe Isn’t Working: What Else?

     So the shore has been awesome so far, and I have even been able to keep up with other coaches blogs.  Luckily, I get this view from our balcony each night which helps take in the rest of the day and maybe drink a few beverages.

Top Deck

     One of the things I thought back to was movement and how there are many ways to reach what is important in the beginning.  Good movement patterning.  The example that has stuck in my head came during an Endeavor staff meeting where I realized that if an athlete just does not get a hip hinge pattern with the PVC pipe, that we need to find other ways to figure it out.  Most athletes will get this but for some, whether it is an age related thing or they just lack the focus, will not.  They may just need a different way of learning.  It is very similar to how all of us had different ways of learning in school, whether it be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.  The problem is how many teachers do you know who actually provided various learning techniques to get all of their students to achieve their full potential?  Hopefully more than I had.  So what ways can we teach athletes who do not get the PVC?  One interesting thing some people may have is that these may be a waste of time but then I think back to the performance pyramid.  Basically you have to know how to squat before you load it up, you have to know how to hip hinge before you deadlift.  This goes back to the development and growth of babies. 

Movement comes first

 The first step is the PVC:  I find that a lot of athletes who are younger will get this after a set or two, but I like that we have various options which to work with.

Another option we can use that works for some is the wall hip-hinge.

My favorite is using something very similar to a Gray Cook Cable Bar.  It is basically a long bar that attaches to a cable system.  At 1:15 in the video you will see basically the shortest snippet of what I am talking about.  I definitely will put up a video of this because I have found this to be great with young athletes. Cable Bar Exercise video

Another way to change this up would also try the cable pullthrough exercise.  It is similar to the Cook bar in that it may provide the athlete with some feedback of where we want the hips to move from.




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