If You Had One Supplement To Take…

     With the supplement industry being so vast with all kinds of stuff, if you had one supplement to take what would it be?  Well, if there is one that I would take, it would certainly be a high quality fish oil.  A go-to brand that I have been introduced to since being at Endeavor is Carlson Labs Fish Oil.  What are the benefits of taking a fish oil everyday? 

  • Reduction in joint pain, bodyfat, & inflammation throughout body
  • Increased : energy levels, immune function, strength, testosterone levels, growth hormone, insulin sensitivity

     I think everyone wants to have good eye, brain, joint, nerve, & heart health.  The only problem with fish oil or lack there of is the typical uses that people have with any supplement.  Usually taking way too much.

How much to take?

     A recommended dosage is 1-2 grams of EPA/DHA a day.  Here is how you know if you are getting a great fish oil.

      What you are looking for is that the EPA (800mg) and DHA (500mg) is more than 50% the total of the Omega-3 Fatty Acid (1,600mg) content.  As you can see Carlson’s has 1.3/g/serving.  This is obviously higher than 50%.  A great choice!   With all the benefits there is literally no reason why you should not be having fish oil daily. But with all things, do not go nuts.  More is not always better.  The case for fish oil is no different unless you are treating a specific condition. If you think that just lifting weights is enough, I think you may be holding yourself back from the progress you can make with proper nutrition, especially supplementation.  If there is one place to start, it is with fish oil.



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