3 Attributes An Athlete or Client Needs to Possess

     College football is upon us.  In the next week there will be college football playing on the television every Saturday (and whatever other days) until January.  It is by far my favorite part of the year because of the traditions, atmosphere, dynamic styles of play (you do not see something like the spread offense in NFL), and I do not have to only see baseball highlights on ESPN for goodness sake (I do respect the heck out of baseball but come on!).  With that said, yesterday, I was watching an interview of Michigan’s new defensive coordinator Greg Mattison, an extremely successful coach (who coached there back in the mid-90s), many who think Michigan will bring the swagger back to the Michigan D. 

Pound for pound one of the toughest animals on Earth

One of the reporters asked the question “how do you define a Michigan level of play for the defense for someone who has not been here before.”  His answer was 3 very simple and direct answers that all great defenses have.

  • Play with great technique (in the football sense, for athletic development this applies to form & movement quality)
  • Play with tremendous effort
  • Be tough as nails

     For a player in the off-season trying to get stronger, faster, and quicker, and more powerful or a client trying to lose weight, gain muscle, and be overall healthier are these not what you need to have in order to reach your goals in the weightroom?  They are, in fact, the same qualities that coach Mattison said.  In order to be successful in the weightroom for an off-season or to reach a goal, all athletes and clients need to be taught proper technique in order to move efficiently to give them the best chance of staying healthy, they need to give a tremendous effort every single session, and lifting is not for the faint of heart.  Athletes and clients need to be tough to stay committed in order to reach a goal. 

    Flawless Technique, Stay Committed, Be Tough



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