Expectations for Team Training: Using the Whiteboard

     With the start of Fall season approaching us, this means college football (yeahhhh buddy), school starting up (6 year college experience, not as good as Van Wilder’s 7!) and off-ice training sessions at Flyers SkateZone.  Last year, the actual beginning of my Endeavor training experiences was training these athletes (ages 10 up to 18).  Each team trained 2x/week, as is typical for in-season strength training, for approximately 1 hour.  The time frame gives us approximately 45 minutes (warm-up & stretch 10-15 mins) to include some light speed and power work, with the bulk of time devoted to strength training. 

Last year’s experience was definitely a learning one because of the mistakes made (yup, learning is made from mistakes, trust me).  Actually, I think the program design, although not perfect, was definitely more beneficial than expected for those that continued to make a commitment to training.  For the youngest teams (10-11 year olds) we stuck with very basic exercises like incline push-ups,  front/side planks, glute bridges, farmers walks,  plate row holds, and slideboard hamstring curls.  We only had weight plates, some old slideboards, and a few medicine balls.  By the way, farmers walks (2 or 1 arm) are awesome for younger kids, even just doing plate holds by their sides (resisting lateral flexion of their spine) offers great benefits since most of the kids have the stability similar to gumby or because their hockey bags are 3x’s the size of them.  The biggest mistake I think I made was not laying out expectations for the athletes at the beginning of the season.  How the hell were they supposed to train effectively when I did not even tell them what I expected? 

     New season, lessons learned = better training for the athletes.  This year we have turned the little room space we have and put in a few benches, stability balls, more weight plates, barbells, boxes, minibands, mini-hurdles, and slideboards.  We definitely have more to work with and it makes the room look official.  DOING WORK.  We also have 3 whiteboards so we can write the work-out for the team which will make the program easier to follow because they will know exactly the sets/reps and the order without having to ask.  The other two whiteboards have a quote of the week and team expectations.  Here is what those expectations are…


For real this time. 


T ime: Always be on time

E ncourage your teammates

A ttitude: WORK HARD EVERYDAY, No Excuses

M ovement Quality: Technique comes 1st, Weight used is 2nd

     Provide expectations for athletes or clients.  I think the expectations, the way we run the program this year, as well as the other little things are what will make the program more successful, enjoyable, and one hell of an atmosphere for everyone. 



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