Phase 1 Off-Ice Training = FUN

At Endeavor we have off-ice training 2x/week/team for Team Comcast in the Flyers SkateZone in Pennsauken.  Thes athletes so far have adapted well to the new style of training and what we expect for them throughout the season.  The younger age athletes programs are geared toward implementing the following qualities for phase number 1.  Sample program looks like this

A) 15-yard sprint (Front Lunge Start) 3x/leg

B) Vertical/Broad Jumps 4 x 6

C) Bodyweight Squats 3 x 10

  • The emphasis for bodyweight squats is good stance, knees out over toes, descending under control, butt back when squatting, & keeping the chest up

D) 4-man Circle Tag Game (10 mins) 2x/role/kid

  • Each person in the 4-man team gets to be the tagger twice.  Keep it fun for the kids = this is why you play the game at this age.  There is nothing worse than a parent burying a young child with negativity because they did not perform like a professional at the age of 10.   Have fun, try your best, and have good sportsmanship!

E1) Glute Bridge Holds 3 x 15s

E2) Front Planks 3 x 15s

The training program for the younger age groups are very simple but can have profound effects on a young athlete’s development.  One aspect that I hope that never goes overlooked is the importance of movement quality during the dynamic warm-ups.  We incorporate exercises such as reverse lunges, inverted reach walks, & lateral lunge walks to put a huge emphasis on where and where not to move from (aka hip instead of the spine).



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  1. Those kids look like they are having a lot of fun, and getting a great workout too! I’m glad to see people getting kids active and letting them actually enjoy themselves. Great work.

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