Working Up to a PR: Off the Beaten Path

     Yesterday the girlfriend and I came in for a early Sunday lift and it went quite well.  I had been following a program for approximately 6 weeks and all was well, but sometimes on certain days you feel better than others.  Following Michigan’s lost to Sparty on Saturday was another reason for possibly setting my trap-bar PR (was 455) or because I had not gone for a max lift in quite some time.  Sometimes as coaches it could be in the best interest of our athletes/clients to listen to how they are feeling and allow them to back off on sets because there are multiple stressors to life and those stressors can and will have an impact on the training session.  Whether it be a poor night of sleep, fight with a loved one, poor nutritional habits (hopefully this does NOT happen often or rarely at all), or crappy day at work, these all can play a part in the attitude or mindset in the training facility.  Yesterday, I felt good and decided to try for a PR.   Here it is…

475lb Trap Bar Deadlift (The goal is 500!)

My girlfriend June, hit 245 on trap bar for her personal best.  For someone that has just started really training and lifting heavy, I was pretty impressed!  I am trying to get that video up, but she is pretty shy when it comes to jacking up weight on video, haha.  For those who only train during the week, have you ever noticed how you felt after training during a weekend session.  I have not lifted on a Sunday in forever but it felt awesome to wake up early and get after it before Sunday NFL football.  The beautiful weather helped with mood as well.  Listen to your mind/body because is can be OK to back off on certain days in order to amp it up on others.



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