Some Shoulder Mobility Correctives

The shoulder mobility test (SM) & active straight leg raise (ASLR) are two movements in the FMS that if asymmetrical or poor (scores of 1) that we need to address first.  Here are some of the shoulder correctives that can be used.  Also it is important to remember that breathing is one aspect that needs to be checked.  If breathing is apical (chest breather) they are going to have limitations and they need to learn how to breathe  properly by using the diaphragm.  Faulty breathing patterns cause inefficient core stability and can lead to low back pain and  pelvic dysfunction.  As with many limitations, check if foam rolling does anything.  If someone has restricted mobility at the shoulder, rolling the lats, pecs, and rotator cuff muscles (subscap not included, need manual therapist for that) may help if you recheck after.  Here are just some drills/exercises, part FMS correctives, and some that can be incorporated into the program.

Seated T-Spine Extensions

T-Spine Extension on Roller or Against Wall- I prefer people to inhale and exhale fully before actively extending over the med ball, or on the wall.  We have been doing this to make sure they are not compensating by letting their ribs flare out

Side-Lying Rib Rolls – hand on ribs, lead rotations with shoulder-blade back and down, wherever you end take one big belly breath to get more range of motion, be sure to keep pressure into the ball with the knee.

Quadruped Extension Rotation/Side Lying Extension-Rotation

Trunk Rotation w/ Scap Stabilization- when rotating in either direction the opposite scapula should be pressing into the ground (palm up), once it starts to lift off is when you know you have gone just a little too far. Repeat in opposite direction.

Standing Wall Abductions (butt, low back, neck all touching the wall), feet out 4-6in from wall. Actively slide arms up wall keeping the forearms slightly pressed into the wall throughout.  Once the forearms start to come off wall, return back to the bottom. (love this one). I do need to make a video of this soon.

Reach, Roll, & Lift

T-Spine Rotation w/ Floor Sweep (video soon)

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