Fix The Problem, Don’t Think About It, Guinness Black Lager?

Practicing the FMS with the staff brings about many questions that need answering.  One that I find interesting is whether or not during the screen we are wondering what is causing the dysfunctional pattern.  For example, while watching a deep squat, you notice knee valgus, the dowel shooting past the feet, etc.

While listening to a podcast that featured Gray Cook (one of the creators of the FMS), this question came up.  During the FMS meetings, one person asked, “what do you think is causing his/her limitation in the In-line lunge?”  It gets you thinking but in the overall scheme of things we need to simply fix the problem.  That is one of the beauties of screening people, you can clear up the most dysfunctional patterns by restoring mobility, lock it up with stability, incorporate it into a movement pattern, and people will start moving and feeling better.  When screening, definitely keep an eye out for what may be causing the limitation or asymmetry but first, teach the correctives and get after the problem.  Gray gave an analogy that if during the middle of the night, you woke up and your house was on fire, you wouldn’t try to figure out what caused it…you would get the hell out of the house!  That made great sense to me.  If there is a serious problem, hurry up and fix the problem, you do not necessarily need to figure out why it is being caused.  This was taken into the context of the FMS.  With training I think it definitely helps by watching people training to find out what may be causing pain, poor technique, etc.  With the FMS, fix the problem first.

On another random note, during my training sessions, I have been enjoying some Meek Mill.

Randomness caused by increased coffee uptake.

Question.  I am a HUGGGGGEEEEE Guinness fan (and beer fan for that matter).  That does not mean I am slug 24 beers every night. For those who enjoy Guinness as much as I do, have any of you tried the new Guinness Black Lager?  At first glance, I feel like they wouldn’t mix, but get back to me if you get the same heavenly sensation after one sip of black lager that you do with Guinness. Serious question.




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