Team Comcast Off-Ice Training, Progressing Doing Much Better (Videos)

Team Comcast, an elite hockey organization in northeast area, are who we have been training for almost two months now.  We are in our second phase that is made up of 3 different age groups.  The programs are split up into age ranges: 16-18, 13-15, & 10-12.  I have the majority of the youngest kids (10-12 yr. olds) and it has gone well.  The first few weeks for the younger athletes is to make sure they know what I expect ( as well as the older athletes) and to make sure they stay focused.  We also play a short game with the younger athletes to keep it fun.  Here are videos taken last night of  the way we organized our 2nd phase.  I know that the form is not picture perfect, and it will not always with large groups.  The most important thing in my mind is that  (1) athletes are having fun, (2) they improve each session/movement is not injurious, (3) enjoy training and being with teammates.   For one, some of the athletes last night told me that these training sessions were the best part of their day along with playing the game.


15 Yard Sprint-Side Standing Start  3x/side

Broad Jumps 4 x 6-8

Bodyweight Squats 3 x 10-12 (at 20s mark notice one of our players step up in full hockey gear, he came to off-ice like this. haha)

Glute Bridges x 12 w/ 2s hold paired with Side Planks 3 x 20s/side


Of course, you may be sitting there saying, that is not perfect form!  But take into consideration these were athletes who have basically never trained before.  In one month,  they have had fun, got a lot better, and enjoy coming to training.






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  1. That’s awesome! So good to see. They will really appreciate it down the road.

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