“Drawing In” Is Not Core Stability

     There are always discussions about core stability among fitness enthusiasts or people who believe in ideas simply because they read it in a magazine or heard it from trainer who may train so-and-so.  One of these common discussions is something called the “draw-in.”  It’s when you may hear some lady trainer on  Comcast fitness channel (this is where I have heard it a bizillion times) describing how to use your abdominals by sucking your navel towards your spine which is supposed to protect your spine.  Any one who has looked over what Stuart McGill or those who describe the full function of the inner core understand that the inner core needs to be activated as a summation of its parts.  These muscles of  the inner core consist of the diaphragm, multifidi, transverse abdominis, and pelvic floor.  This is one of those reasons why belly breathing should be incorporated into core stability exercises such as front or side planks.  Being able to use the diaphragm (through correct breathing patterns) sets off a chain of events allowing for all the inner core muscles to work as they were intended.  Drawing-in uses just TvA.  Have you ever heard of someone creating intra-abdominal pressure to lift something heavy by sucking in their navel.  Hopefully not.  Short blog, which I hope to expand upon in the future but that diaphragm you have is one important sucker.  Use it wisely.

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