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There are numerous articles, magazines, and media information on exercise that it can be quite overwhelming to know what is quality information or not.  Similar to how I will never recommend GNC supplements to anyone because they are overpriced and have few if any good supplements.  Basically, we rely on sound research, recommendations from other strength coaching colleagues, and certainly not last — results!   Everyone is making New Year’s resolutions soon and for me, mine is definitely trying to increase the amount of reading that I do and to start turning back to other reads or resources that may not be strength and conditioning affiliated.  If you are a personal trainer, athletic development coach, or simply want to get a better understanding of what is quality training information, I highly encourage you to check out the next few websites. basically the first awesome resources for strength coaches.  They also have the StrengthCoach podcast which every podcast is available on Itunes and is FREE.  If you drive a good amount, this would be an awesome idea. At Endeavor we train quite a bit of hockey players and Director Kevin Neeld is one of the head men leading this website.  There are awesome ideas, articles, and webinars to learn from that goes beyond the sport of hockey in my opinion.

Endeavor Sports Performance : Yes, I will toot our own sports facility horn.  Always has great information on our blog and we are providing any new client or athlete that wants to get better a chance to train at Endeavor for the first month for 89$.  I am pretty damn positive that anyone who has trained with us has liked the concepts and philosophies we use and when they do, they feel better, move better, become stronger and more explosive, and it will change their overall well-being.  Check it out.

SportsRehabExpert :  Awesome information.  More rehab oriented but it never ceases to amaze me how good training prevents injuries and how sound training and rehab are very similar.  Hard to explain but critical when it comes to working with anyone.

These are a few that we can all learn from and help increase our knowledge so that we can continually help athletes and clients achieve their goals all while increasing their quality of life



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