Recovery Day Training :Timed Sets

One method to use on recovery days of your training program that I have started experimenting with myself are timed sets.  Typically for programs we think of sets x reps but in this format we use timed sets to target specific energy systems for the set.  For example we may choose 3 exercises  such as push ups, 1/2 kneeling belly press, and chest-supported row and do as many reps with good form for 30s, rest 30s, do next exercise, and so on.  It is one way to build mass and be used on a recovery day since recovery days use lighter loads with less rest times in between sets.  One way to look to incorporate this would be to take a look at your program and create 2 strength based days (1 lower, 1 upper) and the other 2 days can be timed sets days.


Day 1 (Upper Body Strength Based) example

Let’s say these were your main movements for that day

A1) DB Chest Press  5 x 4

A2) Core Exercise

A3) Mobility/Activation Drill

B1) Seated Low-Pulley Row 5 x 6

B2) Core Exercise

B3) Mobility/Activation Drill


If during your timed sets your push ups begin to look like this, then use an incline next time

Day 3 ( Timed Set Upper Body Day) example

A1) Push-ups x 30s

A2) Core Exercise x 30s

A3) 1-Arm Cable Row x 20s/side


Think form over a gazillion reps for the first few weeks. You could go faster than this but you should barely break from this form…








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