The Rising New Year: Hitting Personal Records

Setting PR’s (personal records) goes beyond the lifting setting… it can translate to any goal that is wanting to be accomplished.  Did you truly get after your training, your learning, your relationships, your nutrition, etc?  The list goes on and on.  These are some of the questions that may pop-up.  In my opinion, one thing I am continuously encouraging myself to ask other athletes and clients is what are their goals of the training program or being “here”.  I know that as athletic development coaches (and anyone with a job for that matter) we can sometimes get caught up into…”I have a session at 4:30, and 7:30.”  Hopefully, those that are reading can familiarize themselves with what I meant.  For those that do not.  Basically, we can think of training sessions as a job.  I can remember when I attended Gloucester County College and a professor saying that he never went to work, he was going to teach. He never thought of his job as work. It so happens that I can truly relate to this   For some reason that stuck with me til this day.  Anytime my parents or friends ask me where I am going and it happens to be on the way to Endeavor Sports Performance, I say I am going to read, learn, or train (whether it be our athletes or myself).  All these things happen at the place I “work.”  It just so happens that this place also makes me a better person, coach, and hopefully friend to those I am around.  I hope that the place you all “work at” is more than that and either turns into a place where you learn from others, yourself, or you are the one that helps, encourages, and promotes the personal records in someone else’s life.

Welp… Here are some “Lifting” PR’s (or at least the ones we have on film).

Last but certainly not least, have a Happy New Year’s Eve and here is what is going down!  The Boss, “The Rising”

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