Exercise You Need to Do: Scap Push-up Into Yoga Push-Up

     Yesterday during off-ice, a few of the athletes noticed how difficult some movements actually are once they have to do them (this was the one they were talking about).  At first this exercise seems pretty simple but there is quite a bit going on.  It is also a huge a big bang for you buck exercise.

Scap Push Up-Into Yoga Push Up

     What makes this better than the normal push-up plus is that the plus does not work into upward rotation of the scapula which is a primary serratus’  function to help assist in proper scapulohumeral rhythm. Basically, it is a big deal with keeping your shoulder’s functioning properly when raising the arm overhead or being able to stabilize the scapula.  It is also an awesome exercise to help get some ankle, hip, and t-spine mobility.  All places where a lot of people need it.

(LEFT)Good shoulder mechanics (& t-spine mobility) allows for proper overhead function.. (RIGHT) Not so much the case here

     You can progress this exercise with slight resistance with a light superband, shown here…

Scap Push Up-Into Yoga Push Up with Resistance

     With both of these movements, make sure to keep the back of the head in line with rest of spine (which I did not do a good job of in my video).  Do not allow the chin to poke forward or hips to sag while retracting your shoulder blades back.  Keep everything compact and allow movement only at the hips  and shoulders.  Some good cues are…

  • Drive through your palms while sticking your butt back
  • Chin tucked while you reach back
  • Let your heels drop (sometimes people keep the knees bent or stay high on their toes)

Have a good weekend,


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