“Strategy in Strength & Conditioning” by Coach Boucher of The Citadel

I came across Coach B’s presentation from being friends through Facebook.  I think somebody either tagged or reposted this and it was nothing short of pure awesomeness.  The college setting is definitely a different animal than the private setting.  They have year-round training programs, larger group settings, and overall can do more (on-field stuff, competitive drills ,etc..) with the athletes and that intrigues me.  Learning about the college setting is an awesome way to improve the scope of the private setting and simply see how there are more than one ways to skin a cat.  I highly recommend checking out their Youtube channel and taking the time to watch this presentation by Coach.  After waking up super early, watching these videos (Redline included) makes me want to wrestle a crocodile or do something belligerent in the weight room.  Besides any school with a bulldog as their mascot is an A+ in my book

The Citadel


Youtube Page: “Bulldog Power”






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