Lower Body Assessments from Smart Dudes

Since coaching at Endeavor Sports Performance, I have come to understand the importance of assessment and some of the basics that any strength coach, personal trainer, and physical therapist should know.  I am still far off in being 100% confident in knowing the whole gamut of assessments but if you want superior results while staying healthy understand that assessments play pivotal roles and the extra 10-20 minutes to carry out the assessments (even longer if need be) is essential.  Whatever your goal in training, fat loss, muscle mass, or performance, knowing where to start will be driven from the assessment which in turn drives the program created for the individual.  With that said, everyone at Endeavor is assessed in some way, whether FMS, PRI (something that in the future I need to know more about), or simple joint range of motion tests.  It is no secret that Endeavor has played an influential role in my continuing growth as a performance coach.  They in turn were influenced by other coaches, some of which we consider some of the best around. Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, BJ Gaddour, and Dave Schmitz are providing us with a FREE lower body assessment, similar to what we do at Endeavor.  This is a sneak peek into the website they will be launching soon that will provide just awesome content on program design, staff training sessions, and assessments.  Here is the free lower body assessment from these guys!

Elite Training Mentorship : Lower Body Assessment

and also a hip assessment from Kevin that he does with all his hockey athletes (this can apply to all athletes/clients)

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  1. Rumor is the guy in the video has been slacking off his hip correctives….that we discovered were an issue during an SFMA cases study someone used….

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