Addressing My Squat Pattern

There are many methods that can be used to help improve various patterns and for this post specifically, I wanted to write about my specific warm-up that I used to improve my squat.  Whatever the training goal make sure that you have a general warm-up that addressess mobility and stability incorporated into each movement pattern.  If you notice some movements that are really restricted, then in-time it may be most beneficial to attack it with more mobilizations/activations/or movements or to customize the warm-up a bit differently to help address these issues.  I typically address everything in my foam roll and warm-up but have recently been trying to nail only the areas that I know are limiting my squat (ankle mobility, hip mobility, & some t-spine as well).  I am going to stick with my ankle and hips for this post and simply list the few things that I have tried and found successful.  Everyone is different when it comes to how they adapt to stressors so this is not meant to be “thee” way to do something.

First, instead of trying to hit a bit of everyhing with the foam roller,  I spent 1 minute on my plantar fascia, lateral calves, glutes, and quads.  These have always been problematic areas to me.  I typically have to roll and remind myself to breath (breathing slowly over the problem areas will help with releasing the tension in tissue!).  Do not forget to be relaxed when you roll!  It may better suit you to hit a few of the problem areas for a little bit longer instead of rolling the typical 10-12 times over everything.  If you do not have a foam roll, get one.  I even have a few friends that I help out with their training and they either have one or in the process of ordering them.  They are 8$, so get on that fo sho.

This was the order of some of the things I did each time I trained…

Lacrosse Ball

  • Plantar Fascia
  • Lateral Calves
  • Lateral Hamstrings
  • Glutes

Ankle Rock Straight Or Lateral Rock into Forward Rock x10-15 each day (alternated each session)

3D Hamstring/Adductor mobilizations or 1-leg SLDL rotations

Bowler Squat or Inverted Reach

2-Way Diagonal Hip Rock

Then usually I would end with some squat to stands with 1-arm reach OR  Bootstrapper squats

As you can tell, I performed a good amount on hip mobility in all different planes.  After these which only took 5 minutes or so I did some goblet squats, swings, and followed them up with wall slides or no-money drill.  Each mobility drill was anywhere from 8-12x/side and only took around 10 minutes total.  Moral of the story:  Warm-up well instead of treadmilling for 10 minutes! 🙂



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