My Favorite Protein..So Far

There is a variety of crazy supplements out there.   Honestly, it can be really hard to decide (truly know) what to buy and what is reputable.  When I first started buying supplements I  went to GNC (Garbage Nutritional Center)..maybe that is harsh, but considering that it is wayyyyy overpriced, some 17 old kid is going to try and sell you anything from sharks blood, sheeps ear, or hobbits toe and also don’t forget the are hundreds of lawsuits that no one hears about, why would you go there?  I try to get my nutritional information from guys like John Berardi, Mike Roussell, and Brian St. Pierre.  When it comes to cost (of the products they recommend), effectiveness (no additives, not much sugar, etc..), and quality information on hints and tips about supplements, food, and diet, they are top class.  Recently, a few friends of mine asked what supplements I recommend.  Here is the short list: a quality fish oil, a greens supplement, and a good protein powder.  All of these products have been recommended from one of those great nutrition dudes listed above for many reasons.  For this post only, I wanted to write about protein powder (hint..the title of the post!)

Favorite Protein

Metabolic Drive or Grow from

some of the best tasting protein I ever had.

Besides being recommended by Berardi, St. Pierre, and Roussell, these products taste amazing and they have yet to get old with me.  They taste great in smoothies, with milk, in water, and even in some plain greek yogurt (tastes like chocolate pudding). Always remember that supplements will never produce the results you want if your diet is horrendous, aka just like the movie Super Size Me!  Have a sound diet first, then use supplementation.



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