The Issue I Have With Supplements

My last post was written in response to questions I had received from a few friends of mine regarding what protein I take and if there if there are any other supplements that I recommend.  The fact that I recommended these probably neglected the fact that I should have spent time expanding on FOODS to eat, or ask what their diet currently consists of.  Granted, people are busy with family, work related duties (>8hrs/day), and all the stressors that come with this thing called “life.”  What I have always found to be interesting is this idea that you can take something (insert whatever EXTREME product on the market) and it will result in amazing muscle gain, fat loss, improved performance, in the next week without realizing that their diet is absolutely garbage.  Nothing works like magic, unless you juice and it takes commitment and dedication to improve performance.  Seriously though, there are some very basic things we can all do and promote to help those that may be willing to advice.

Here..take this even if you eat 500 calories a day and watch your results sky rocket! ...SIKE

There a few issues I have with supplements, not the ones that are required like fish oil,vitamin D, post recovery shake, or even a greens supplement.  Try and wrap the mind around these next mind-blowing considerations…ultra scientific stuff…

#1 Water is the Best Anabolic  (Dan John quote)

  • No, it’s not that type of anabolic (you roid head!).  Yes, it is probably the single most neglected “supplement” that you should and damn well better be drinking everyday.  One simple way to  know if you are drinking enough water is to take your bodyweight and drink HALF that in ounces (200lbs = need at least 100 oz. of water/day).  That amount is on the lower drink a little bit more to be on the safe side.  It is widely known that even the slightest dehydration(1%) has a negative impact on physical and mental performance.  Wake up drink a 2 cups of water, at every meal consume 16oz. of water, and try to refill a water bottle of few times during the day.  Honestly, just drink water and if you hate it try adding ice cubes and a slice of lemon or lime.  For me, when I get bored with plain water adding the a slice of lemon and putting cubes in the shaker bottle for whatever reason does the trick.

#2 You can never outtrain a bad diet

  • It does not matter what you do in the gym or how awesome we think the training program we created for the athlete/client will work.  Eating garbage = garbage results.  This comparison would not seem to make sense

Barely eat or garbage food intake = Improved performance, muscle gain, fat loss, etc.. (other goals)???

  • Eat a protein at every meal, eat vegetables like an animal (buy a greens supplement for help), and stick to quality carbohydrates like potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits/vegetables, beans, oats, sprouted grain breads, and quinoa.  I never bought sprouted grain bread but even if the local store does not have it does not mean that you are screwed.  Notice how many other good carbs I listed.

     I think that once someone starts to get these few issues down they really start to see results and perform better physically and mentally.  Along with good sleep and taking some quiet time each day for yourself, you might find yourself in the optimal situation to start asking about supplements and taking performance to a whole other level.







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