Farmers Walk to End Training Sessions

So far, David and I are on week 3 of Mass Made Simple (Lite) from Dan John’s blog and let’s say that I feel like an animal.  My diet has relatively stayed the same, but performing the basic movements every day has improved my bench, front squat, and pull-ups to a large degree.  The program is a 3-day program (Mon-Wed-Fri) with each day having a heavy emphasis.

Day 1: Heavy Row 5×5

Day 2: Heavy Bench 5×5

Day3: Squat 5×8-10

You can check this program out here. Mass Made Simple Lite

Whatever the emphasis on that day (heavy rowing, pressing, or squatting), it is recommended to back off a bit on the other lifts.  Good programming principle:  it is an important concept to grasp when creating programs.  In training you cannot simply keep trying to add qualities without subtracting an emphasis on some others, it is sometimes counterproductive and probably a reason why a lot of people stop progressing (as well as burnout/overtrain).  The idea I am thinking of is doing high volume everything that is typically seen with novices when what they really need is to get a base level of movement and strength down.

My favorite part of the program by far is finishing with farmers walks..hell, any loaded carry here works.  Ever since learning about these, every athlete we have had at some point had them in their program.  The movement itself does more than you know…grip strength, hip stability, shoulder strength, and the ever popular way to get big biceps and traps is evident if you carry heavy enough.  Typically for athletes on a 2-day program, 1 day is 1-arm walks, the other 2-arm.  They are definitely in my top 5 favorite most beneficial movements.  Here was our end session full facility farmers walk.  We tried making it a competition but when we got done we realized we should of amped up the weight…5th grade shirts help as well.


Me (Tight Endeavor Performance gear makes it that much better)

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