Improving Deadlift Pattern On Wrestlemania 28 Day

It’s Wrestlemania Sunday, and this will be short but I wanted to send a quick video of a new exercise I thought of to help athletes (particularly inexperienced or young ones) improve upon their deadlift pattern.


      The exercise is primarily for inexperienced lifters or younger athletes because they tend to disengage from using their lats.  The importance of the lats during pulling should not go unnoticed…the lats…

  • Allow the bar to stay in tight to the body which makes for a more fluid and effective pull
  • Keeping the bar in tight prevents the bar from drifting away from the body which can result in rounding of the lumbar spine thus increasing your chance of injury
  • Keeping this tight “lat” brace is something they will always need to know how to do with pulling movements (trap bar deadlift, deadlift, 1-leg sldl, cleans, snatches)

I would not just jump into using this for anyone because if you can cue them in simpler ways (touching their lats to help for feedback, ask them to pretend to break a pencil under their armpit) then by all means do it..KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle always rules.  A good choice to use as a last-ditch resort for grooving this pattern.





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