Training Results are Simple But Not Easy

Ok, I have probably written about this in the past but it needed to be said.  Everyone seems to have various goals to start and as they train.  If you do not, get one.  Having a goal may be all you need to reach it.  Most people’s goal fall under these categories…

  • Gain muscle mass
  • Lose body fat
  • *Perform in sport: this means play at a high level without getting injured (98% what we do at Endeavor)
  • Be pain free in life

These have been the goals from athletes, my friends, or random guy ‘A’ that I may talk to about training.  However, for 99% of us, those goals can be quite simple but they can be a pain in the ass.  Then you have person “A” who explains to you they want to be ripped jacked fuel with no body fat.  Yes, they want to be Laron Landry.

The link said "supposedly he's on the David Boston diet." We all know what diet he was on.

I’ve written about this in previous blog posts but if you haven’t heard yet, I am huge proponent of the KISS principle (Keep it simple stupid).  When I reflect back on most of our athletes, their training is basic in the sense that it has everything you need to be successful with added exercises that are addressing the mobility restrictions, poor postural flaws or overuse problems that are associated with their sport.  The basics stay relatively the same, but progress as they move better and become stronger.  There a just a few quick heads up that I wanted to point out so that you can stop reading this, go out and be fruitful with your training…

When it comes to training: go to someone who is adequate in assessing your movement quality, so that they can make suggestions on what you can or cannot do.  Avoiding the “stupid” exercises can help one realize how training does not have to suck and can give you the confidence to keep going without getting hurt.  There is and will continue to be strategies to maintain or improve the training effect while having some issues.  Believe me, I have realized this and been in that position. The reason why the KISS principle works?  Check out the programs such as Dan John’s 40-day program, Jason Ferruggia’s, or Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1.  The programs are basic but at the same time are not easy.  Learning basic math is not always fun and for some, may have been extremely hard, but in order to progress to more difficult levels and improve, there needs to be the foundation.  Crawl before you walk, walk before you run.

Nutrition:  Has anyone else ever noticed that people who want to lose body fat OR gain muscle mass typically eat like garbage?  These could be two separate goals (although good training will decrease body fat and increase muscle mass).  I get very frustrated when people say they want to achieve goals yet are not willing to do the very basics.  Frustration is showing I care! If your breakfast is cereal, your lunch is Wawa(I may get trash thrown on my lawn for saying it), and then for dinner you have your typical “big” meal, then things need to change.  Going out and buying your favorite creatine, extreme mass builder 8000, and hammering the gym 5x/week is not going to yield results that you want with that diet.  Try and start making very simple changes.  The biggest one I have made was starting to make in bulk on the weekend.  I usually make a giant container of either…


  •  ground turkey with vegetables and seasonings
  • ground beef with different vegetables and similar seasonings

    People that make livings looking ripped and jacked do it because they have a lot of time to get like this, have great genetics, and hopefully are not drug induced. Be realistic...big results take time, they are not 100 m dash to the finish

That is 2-3 awesome meals each day of the week besides snacking on some almonds/walnuts, greek yogurt, or even the simple protein smoothie.  When I do not have this regimen, I typically feel like garbage and instantly need a Redline (well, I’ll need a Redline anyway :))

Try to keep focusing on the simple things before you ADD a bunch of other stuff.



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