Under Prepared, Over Injured

Last Saturday it was gorgeous out and considering that I used to love running, wait take that back, I mean sprinting, I thought  it would be a great time to go for a run.  My routine (a  mistake)….

  • Put running shoes on
  • Wear my old school belly cut Charles Woodson #2 jersey on with some classy running shorts
  • Step outside, shake my legs and off I went :  60s run followed by 60s walk until I got back to my house (approx 2- 2 1/2 miles)

Now,  not that you would go to hell for this (at least my calves did for 3 days after), but doesn’t the quick “get it and go” mentality put us in a pretty bad disposition to get hurt?  I know so, and so do those who begin some fitness endeavor with no movement quality, without a quality warm-up, and at an intensity that is usually too high to begin with.  I also know that this is typically the situation at the middle or high school levels in warm-ups.  My experiences were these…

  • Soccer: Run around the field once or twice and then do some leg swings in various planes along with some skipping groin thingies that I still see to this day
  • Football: Jog 75 yards at a pace closely resembling a walking herd of cows followed by some static stretching
  • Track: Run 2 laps around the track followed by some A & B skips, butt kickers, striders, backward runs

As you can see, there is not much except some jogging, and faster based movement skills like skips, form runs, etc…all which are good.  The preparation could have been much better and should be (currently) knowing what we know now.  Hopefully this is not the same but I do fear it is.  If it is,  make sure you get that someone’s attention by giving them a….”Hey Yo” 10x’s or until they almost want to punch you in the face. 

Quick side note: I used to love Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon when I was a kid and after re-watching the E:60 show on his life now, I felt pretty darn sad.  I guess in many wrestlers cases, they are overworked, overinjured, and under recovered.  The spotlight or their demons can sometimes get the best of them.

Under prepared, Over Injured:  The title is exactly what it means, and the examples I provided are only examples of poor preparation but preparation goes beyond the warm-up.  Mainly, the off-season preparation needed in sports or the continual striving of a goal for a personal training client.  Take for example someone who loves to run.

It could be knee, ankle, low back, shoulder..you name it

They start to experience knee pain.  In time, the pain will get worse, prevent them from enjoying running, or soon stop them completely.  Why?  Running (along with almost ALL activitiy) requires degrees of strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, balance, mobility, and stability.  What is the running singularly working on?  Their endurance.  To stay healthy or to improve, they need to be prepared with adequate levels of strength, mobility, stability, coordination, etc…The preparation or actual running itself is improving one quality causing a dramatic shift in one direction towards a quality that requires a balance of all the ones listed above.  The same goes for athletes or the general person wanting to be healthy.  If you have nagging injuries, or are not seeing results, if you start preparing correctly and doing the things throughout the day to be successful or less likely to be injured, the chances are you will see results.



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  1. Hey Yo. Hall was my favourite wrestler 🙂

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