What Makes Endeavor Stand Out and Why You Should Train There

Yesterday, was my first chance to head down to Hammonton, NJ and take a U13 soccer team through a simply dynamic warm-up and some quick mini-band drills.  It was a priviledge to be there since I love working with soccer players as I know that it is the one sport that strength and conditioning has gone overlooked for some time and still tends to be even at the professional levels.  Guiding 20 young athletes through a warm-up and 2-3 simple mini-band exercises (or I would think they are simple) took approximately 30-40 minutes and afterwards I spoke witht the parents of some of the players to tell them what we do at Endeavor.  With any private facility, some are going to have their own philosophy and way of doing things but I truly believe in what we do because of the countless hours are coaches spend learning, applying, coaching, and trying to learn from the best.  Not to put other performance facilities down, but when you hear that their child was run throug 20-30 minutes of speed or agility drills, was never assessed, you have 18 year olds trainining with 10 year olds, and then went on to do some conditioning, it is a disservice to them.  Here are a few basic principles and what makes us stand out…

#1 I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: Assessment

     I know, I know, if you have read any of my blog then you probably have heard me say that assessment is necessary.  Yes, it is that important.  Look at the picture above, besides that is is all women getting ready to go ape-shit down the track…they are all individuals, albeit for this race, had similar goals…to win.  But whether it is an athlete, average everyday hard-working guy or girl, to someone who just doesn’t want to live in pain, ALL are individuals, have different body types, different injury histories, lead different lives, have different jobs or experiences, and that is why you need to assess because it all matters.  You don’t just take a  ‘soccer specific program” workout from so and so college and apply it to all soccer players.  Hopefully, a place you go to doesn’t have you start on day one with a group of athletes without taking time to get to know you and individualize what you will be doing in the off-season/in-season.

#2 Semi-Private Training

     Our model of training athletes is known as semi-private.  Training demands an attention to detail whether it is coaching athletes correctly through lifts or creating the individualized programs.  Semi-private simply means that we train small groups of athletes (coach to player ratio is 1: 6-8) to ensure that the facility sticks to the very thing which I believe makes the facility…coaching.  You will not see someone with poor form at the facility.  Even if there is a coach who works with a specific group, you almost always see the other coaches helping out and getting to know the athletes.  The ratio is more like 2-3 coaches for every 10-12 people.  The semi-private training also allows athletes to work out in small groups with other athletes, most likely teammates, to create a great training environment.

#3 Train for Free? Or 1-Month Trial for 89$

     If you are not sure what it is, then try it for a month.  We primarily work with athletes but also work one on one with personal training clients. 89$ for 2x/week for a month is something that we have implemented to help people see what we are all about and how your training should be.  We assess, create the program, and then get after it. Seriously, I mean get after it!  Within the first month with many of our trial athletes, they have gone from muscle strains (nagging injuries) to pain-free, learned proper lifting technique, added simple nutritional habits, and improved their performance.  That speaks for itself in only a month.  Check out the referral program to see how you can basically train for free..seriously, it’s awesome and I am not very good at marketing.  It helps both you and us out.  Referral program

Sign up, get 2 100$ gift referral cards. The people that sign up from your cards, means you get 100$ off of your program.

#4 Coaching Intensive: Being Adaptable

     I  know that our facility, above all things, prides itself on knowing how to coach, when you look at facilities like Cressey Performance, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, or IFAST (top facilities in the nation), there is at least one similar quality that makes them stand out.  They coach…you would be surprised how many places do not coach well.  Learning how to move well is more important than how much you put on the bar (although we do create monsters).  It is also more important to know that Khloe and Lamar are pulling the plug on their reality TV show so that Lamar can focus on basketball.  I think he should simply blame his poor performance by being married to a Kardashian, but that’s just me.  Honestly though, if you see people training and it looks like it causes injury..then you may be right.  It should look athletic and look strong no matter what the weight.

These are only 4 top qualities of what I know make the facility stand out and only some of the reasons why big things are starting to happen at the facility.  Coach effectively and provide the clients with the best possible chance to succeed.  That is what it is about.




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