What Driving To The Shore Can Teach Us About Training

Last weekend was the first time in a few years where I was able to head down to Wildwood for Memorial Day weekend.  While in high school and college, a few friends and I would make the trip each year and stay at my friend’s house.  The major difference this year was that I drove down by myself which provided me with some much needed “quiet time.” For those who have a hectic schedule and not much time to yourselves (my schedule isn’t but I know a lot of yours is), I have found that putting off some quiet time during the weekend can make a dramatic impact on me physically, mentally, and psychologically.  I either read something, sit outside enjoyinh a cold beer, or literally just hanging around.  Either way, considering summer is approaching, it would be a good time to sit outside in silence every now and again.  The drive this year had me pondering thoughts about training…

Most in the 05 GC class know all about Cozy Crest. Completely forgot about soem of the places I had been

#1 Apprciating the progress athlete’s make

     Driving down route 55 was a bit different this year because I actually took the time to look around and enjoy how beautiful the drive is.  In past years, heading down with friends would be accompanied by blasting some type of awesome music while talking about God knows what.  The point is that getting from point A to point B takes time and taking time to step back to see how well the athlete’s progress at the facility is tremendous as well as a confidence boost for what you are doing.

#2  Training progress is a marathon not a sprint

     I remember reading this on Jason Ferruggia’s blog.  It will always ring true because although we want results now, it takes time to learn, apply, and live accordingly to get long lasting results.  It does not help that there are marketing schemes all over the television promoting extreme results in such little time.  I can guarantee you that sticking with the basics over time leads to longer lasting changes.

#3 New Jersey (South) is not as ugly as people make it
Screw you Jersey Shore show for making us look like slobs…seriously, you crumbags.

South Park said it correctly: “snooki want smush smush”

#4 Appreciate where you are in your training
I have made that trip at least a dozen times and every single time I have progressed to a different point in my life.   A year later can make a big differe nce in experience.  Try 10, 20, or 30.  I cannot imagine where I will be in 10 years but with reading, applying, and being around a great staff, there is only good that comes from that.  I remember the days of going to the gym doing “chest/tri” days and going on the elliptical for 5 minutes to “warm up.”  Not that anything is wrong with those choices, but I do believe there are better choices and that one size rarely fits all.



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