Useful Pressing Progressions for Soccer Athletes

One of my more recent posts was on the importance of pressing movements for soccer athletes. 

Pressing Movements for Soccer Players

Progression #1: Starting with Incline Push ups and progressing to the floor.

How it should look throughout. Baby Hercules

Push-ups are one my favorite movements because they provide “big bang for your buck.”  We almost always begin our younger athletes on an incline to make sure they get the form: neutral spine, chest comes down first, chin tucked, and elbows pointed back. Like I said in the previous post, you would be lucky to see anyone show you a perfect push up on day 1! 

Progression Used:

  • Push up w/ 3sec negative OR
  • Push up w/ 3sec hold in bottom position

We can apply the same principles (negatives or holds) with our DB chest presses on Day 2.

Benching is the other primary press that we use on the second day.  With any of the progressions, we can use either a flat, low-incline or incline bench setting.  Here are the practical, and safe progression that continuously challenges the athletes effectively..

#1: DB Chest Press (flat bench, low-incline, or incline)

#2: Alternating DB Chest Press: added core and shoulder stability component (unilateral)

 #3: 1-Arm DB Chest Press (or KB): more core stability necessary because of its unilateral nature

In my opinion, these few variations can go along way in developing our athletes upper body (pressing) strength.  I do want to go into detail with 1/2 kneeling and tall-kneeling versions of pressing next, so stay tuned! Now go enjoy the sun and soak up some vitamin D 🙂



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